Thanks, EIA!

EIA closes after four years.

From Brendon Burchard, founder of EIA:


Today, I am announcing that we are ending EIA as an organization.

I led the decision on this, and we've made it primarily because, to be honest, a lack of need in the marketplace for an association of this kind.

The market has outpaced the need for EIA, in my opinion, as “personal branding,” “online marketing,” “thought leadership,” and all the tools, strategies, and philosophies that complement our work have truly become as commonplace as a smartphone. Simply, the world changed in the last four years. Now much of the value we could provide as an organization is out there on YouTube, blogs, and other conferences relatively free. Not to mention many of the members of this organization provide excellent value, training, example, community, and leadership through their own brands now.

I also believe the very definition of this as an "industry" has broadened to be practically ubiquitous - in this age of social media everyone is a content creator and thought leader in some way - and I think this is a GOOD thing. Since associations by nature are not designed for everyone, and yet everyone is now in this space, an association structure simply doesn't make sense.

In addition, a potential partnership with a major publisher fell through a few months ago. I had hoped the deal would give EIA a better home, more consistent organizational support, and a co-branded annual event event this Fall. To no one’s fault, that didn’t come into fruition - and given my first point, I made the call after discussing with my team and EIA leadership.

The good news is nothing is incomplete or undelivered, as at the time of this announcement there are no active EIA members. As you know, we delayed last year’s conference in hopes of that partnership turning out, and we did not announce a date this year. In doing so, we did not take any new members in the last 12 months in awaiting the conference promos. All previous EIA Memberships expired prior to that time as well. With no renewals in the last 12 months there is nothing undone or undelivered. Because of this, I don’t expect any upset other than nostalgia. I know I'll miss some friends in the organization, as will some of you, but I also see many of you at other conferences or on other forums. Connecting is not an issue anymore.

Since we don’t have any active members, in terms of winding it down, it’s simply some paperwork on my end and an announcement here and in the EIA member's area. (Past EIA Members will continue to have access to that).

I’m proud that over 82,000 people signed our comprehensive Code of Ethics during our existence, agreeing to be honest and professional marketers and experts. That alone, I hope - in addition to the four years of community and our annual conferences - made a dent as this new world of the expert spun into what it is today.

More personally, I’m deeply grateful for the EIA community, especially in its first and quite active three years. To previous EIA Members, I thank you each of you for having supported me, my team, or this organization as we tested it out and sought to grow it. I especially thank those who came to our annual conferences and were so generous with your ideas and love for our thought leadership community. I’m also grateful for the fact that so many of you keep in touch regardless.

More broadly, I believe the days of large-scale, global associations are coming to an end, as evidence by dramatic declines in worldwide volunteer group membership and new technologies that will be allowing more virtual, intimate, and profoundly “real” meetings. (Wait until you see the Oculus experiences coming out next year - that alone will change the world). Perhaps I will be proven wrong, but learning is a part of what this organization was always about.

For those of you who were interested, signed the Code of Ethics, were EIA Members, or simply contributed in some way, I thank you. If you have any questions, you can reach my personal team via

I look forward to seeing this new world evolve, and seeing each of you lead it.

With love and appreciation,


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